Google Analytics Training

What Is Google Analytics Training?

Analytics and conversion optimisation is the process of collecting and analysing data through tools such as Google Analytics to understand a users journey through a website and be in a position to advise you.

What We Offer:

In order to fully succeed online, your website and approach needs to be continually evolving and that is only possible via the collection and analysis of the data provided by previous visitors. Using Google Analytics as the primary source of traffic and user engagement within your website or e-commerce store, our Questies will continually monitor and refine the process, ensuring you reduce the number of ‘drop offs’ and reduce the bounce rate of your website.


Of course, the techniques and tactics required to do so differ significantly from site to site and no two conversion optimisation campaigns will be identical, however common factors we would focus on are checkout and enquiry processes, ensuring that there is nothing turning your potential customers away and ensuring that you turn those who may previously have clicked away to converting clients.

If you’re currently finding that your website has a high bounce rate or low conversion rate, get in touch with one of our Questies today on 01524 580777 or fill in our quick enquiry form here.