Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

However hard a business owner tries and however good their product or service is, it’s not always possible to please every single customer and, from time to time, unfavourable reviews may appear for a business, sometimes even referring to a previous owner or management team. Reputation management takes control of such negative publicity, ensuring when a potential customer looks for a brand, it is represented in a fair and honest light.

What We Offer:

We understand that there are times when your business may receive an unfairly negative review as a result of something you had no control over. It may have been an incident which was completely out of your control and which you did all you could to resolve it, however the other party decided to leave a negative review on, for example, your Trip Advisor page or on Google Places. In instances such as this, even a single negative review can significantly impact on the impression your business gives to potential customers and clients and you can often be left feeling that you have no option other than to accept that the review exists and live with it.


Our expert team of Questies specialise in reputation management for companies of all shapes and sizes; ensuring that any negative press is not visible to the majority of searchers and that the large majority of customers who are happy with the products and services which you offer leave positive reviews in important online locations.

What We Deliver:

By working alongside you to establish processes to build and maintain your online reputation, negative press can be a thing of the past and a glowing reputation a thing of the future.

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