Social Media Management & Marketing

What is SMM?

Social media marketing is the process of optimising and marketing your business through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and many more via both organic and paid advertising techniques. With over half of the UK population actively using social media, the potential for growth when used as part of a digital marketing strategy is extensive.

What We Offer:

At SearchQuest, our 14 years of SEO search engine marketing experience give our social media marketing work a unique slant. Whilst many of our competitors will spend time on social media sites simply chatting and posting, spending a client’s money on work that could be done more cost-effectively in-house, we are pioneers in the field of Social Media Optimisation.


Social Media Optimisation involves the implementation of a range of techniques adapted from our SEO repertoire. These techniques include:


Inbound Link-Building – Utilising social media directory sites and carefully placed blogs to link to social media sites. Thus, transferring online reputation, as well as valuable traffic.


Outbound Link-Building – Linking to SEO-friendly pages on a client’s site; which can include category pages, product pages and blog posts; from social media messages which are crafted with SEO considerations in mind.


Content – Integrating a clients content marketing strategy with their social media marketing and management. That is to say, creating and curating content; whether written, visual or audio; that is socially relevant, topical and immediately impactful.


Contacts – We look to build upon a client’s existing base of contacts, importing data from pre-established mailing lists to social media sites and immediately boosting the number of relevant connections that an organisation has. We also look to build relationships with influential entities in a client’s industry and local area. In doing so, an element of credibility will transfer over to your business.


Statistical Analysis – All of the work that we conduct at SearchQuest is born out of a diagnosis based approach to marketing. We use a variety of cutting-edge professional tools to analyse data gathered from our client’s ongoing campaign, and then respond with the most appropriate remedy. This process significantly reduces the wastefulness of our campaigns, delivering industry-leading return-on-investment to your business.


Ultimately, all SearchQuest digital marketing campaigns are focussed on improving a client’s search engine rankings for relevant, valuable words and phrases. As the impact of social media upon search engine results increases rapidly, we aim to continue to find new and inventive ways to exploit the technologies at our disposal and to improve the amount of traffic that you receive through Google searches. We are always mindful that Google provides 80% of the average website’s traffic.


According to browsing behaviour analysts Alexa, Facebook is now the world’s most popular website. Boasting over 1 billion active monthly users, the site has evolved from its early status as a student social tool into a robust platform for business.


Twitter consistently ranks in the top 10 most influential sites in the world. The microblogging platform evolved out of text messaging culture and how now become the ultimate source for fast-paced delivery of news updates across the world.


Google+, although at present a less popular social portal than Facebook and Twitter, is an incredibly useful tool to anyone that is integrating social media marketing with Search Engine Optimisation. Ultimately, this platform is a Google product and we are already seeing strong correlations between G+ activity and search engine results.


Pinterest is the fastest growing website in the history of the planet. If its growth continues at its current rate, five years into the future Pinterest will have more pages than every website on the entire current internet combined.


Here at Searchquest, we also provide business-to-business marketing services via LinkedIn and visual social marketing via Instagram. We are constantly experimenting and finding ways to manipulate new underground and niche platforms as they arise.

If you’re looking for an agency to handle your social media marketing and build your brand online, we welcome you to the future and urge you to give one of our Questies a call today on 01524 580777 or fill in our contact form and let us get in touch with you.