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We are proud to have our very own dedicated design website which can be visited at www.searchquestcreative.co.uk.

Web Design

The importance of having a responsive website has never been more prevalent, with up to 50% of website views in many industries being made from mobile devices and here at SearchQuest our team specialise in delivering high quality responsive website design. From a simple 5 page brochure site to a fully-fledged e-commerce store, we can provide bespoke websites to your specifications allowing your business to stand out, driving sales and enquires and making your business a success online.


All web design projects begin with a full design consultation, ensuring that your vision fits in with what works from both a technical point of view and our experience of a great website! Each project is designed entirely to your brief and we do not, as standard, use templates. This ensures your website is your own and isn’t a template which hundreds of other sites use, with your logo added and colours changed. We believe your business is unique and, because of that, your website should be too.

Branding & Logo Design

We are full supporters of the fact that, from time to time, every business needs to re-brand and it’s amazing what an impact this decision can have on a business. Website design can change dramatically in a short space of time it is important to stay ahead of competitors to be the leading company in your marketplace and a re-brand can help you to achieve that.


Our design team are experts at moulding your brand from old to new, being there for you from concept to completion. As with web design projects, branding starts with a full design consultation for us to understand your vision, before our team begin to transform your concepts’ into a reality.


A full re-brand will typically encompass everything from logo design and web design all the way through to stationary design, however we understand that every business is individual and that at times, you may simply want a new logo designing. In this instance, that’s not a problem...we are still here to help design your new logo and portray you in a great light to your customers.

Whatever your needs, requirements and visions when it comes to design, why not call our team today on 01524 580777 or fill in our contact form here and let us get in touch.